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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisitble to the eye. -- Antoine de Sant-Exupery


Toni Wysocki is a Life Change Coach with over 30 years of experience working with personal counseling, inspiring her clients to cope with change, unexpected transitions and tough decisions--be it a career change, relationship change, health change, financial change or any change life happens to bring your way either big or small.  With hope, she inspires others to look for the positive in all that happens, the best possible outcome.


Sometimes change comes because life has handed us a challenging change, it's not really our choice and other times we desire to initiate change on our own to break out of limiting circumstances or to create our dreams.  By accepting change that comes into your life, you will move through it and forward and allow the transformation to begin.


She began her international career working as a volunteer in multi-cultural communities in Asia and the Pacific in the third sector and later moved onto Brazil where she continued working 7 years in the area of innovative business teamworking and life coaching. She believes that each individual is capable, valuable, needed, and life change coaching can bring the very best out of anyone who has the desire to focus on the positive picture of their life and live up to their full potential and achieve personal success. She’ll help you discover what’s doable and the right intensity for you, and that you can stick with, whether in your personal or professional life. When you work with her you’ll find warm, opened-hearted support, and understanding without judgment