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Everything in the Universe is on a powerful and evolutionary journey to reveal the HIGHEST EXPRESSION of its TRUE SELF. Allow me to serve as your personal guide through this narrow but incredibly empowering and enlightening path home to your heart!


I have truly lived a life of wonderfully diverse experiences which have offered me lessons on joy, pain, love, forgiveness and compassion.

In the end, it has all been about my powerful journey inside my own HEART.

I see the incredible possibilties that Spirit is prepared to unfold in our lives one we SURRENDER and TRUST our unique gifts and passions.

Ultimately, I do HEART WORK.

I consider myself a LOVING MIRROR that reflects how love looks back at each client and asks difficult but powerful questions that allows them to reveal their own SPLENDOR.

I allow my heart to speak from my core and this has allowed me to become an effective coach, mentor, leader, teacher, speaker, guide and human.

I am PASSIONATE and GRATEFUL for my presence on this planet and I know deep down that none of us came here to live an ORDINARY LIFE!

Blessings to you for being attracted to this site to reveal your HIGHEST SELF!

Success Stories

Creating Miracles in Your Life

Women dealing with work related stress

In the beginning, our Creator brought forth in one instant, every possibility that our Divine Imagination could ever conceive.  We have always had at our disposal the endless potential to tap into this vast array of every possible combination of our “unimagined dreams”.more


We have been told that if we, “ASK, we shall RECEIVE.”  This is true! Our Creator offered us an endless supply of choices with which to create a life of joy and abundance.


However, our challenge to receiving has been set by our own limitations.  We have historically allowed the process of “manifesting” to be managed by our EGO and our mind.  Because we thought that we were separated from our Creator, we had to pray FOR our needs.  We have allowed our mind to block us from seeing that which has always been waiting to be revealed to us.


Why is this?


Because when we pray for and ask FOR things, we are by nature acknowledging that we are in a state of lack.  It is from this state that we block that which our heart can deliver.  Our great teachers have offered us insight into this process.


We must first SEEK


Seeking takes us on a powerful journey inside ourselves where we are offered a guide to find this great treasure.  This journey always leads us to our Divine Heart.  When we seek the power of our hearts, we FIND…the truth.

The truth is that it is the passion of our TRUE HEART that connects us to allowing our dreams to invite the Universe to match and bring forth our dreams.  When we are joyous, we are in a fixed state of gratitude.  Gratitude invites GRACE to be your partner and only serves to match the joy that you send out to bring back more joy.


There can be no lack in gratitude!


A grateful heart then creates a constant state of unconditional and “silent ASKING”.  It is our hearts then that send out our invitations to ALLOW our joy to be met by the Universe.

In this state of unconditional allowing, our blessings are RECEIVED.


Once we begin to see how gracious the Universe is by delivering unexpectedly the silent requests of our heart, we then begin to allow our heart to target our HIGHEST GOOD.


When we understand the Divine power of our hearts to deliver our highest good, we can then allow our heart to have its attention directed purposefully.  We learn that we can now gain access to our Divine Heart by merely KNOCKING to allow this powerful DOOR TO BE OPENED.


This beautiful formula was revealed to me today by example.


A dear friend of mine whom I had not heard from in years called me today after a “heartfelt post” that I offered on my Facebook Fan Page.


She said that my post had touched her heart and that an inner voice told her to locate and call me.  She said that she really wanted to attend one of my upcoming classes, but that she had been without a job for nearly two years.  She said that she couldn’t afford to attend and that she had been praying for a job.

I told her that her call from her heart’s connection was a big step and that she needed to understand that if she was “praying for” a job, she was actually telling the Universe that “not having a job” was her predominant thought.  The Universe is just a “giving machine” and it is merely matching her primary thought about “not having a job”!

I invited her to “make a shift” in her perspective.


I asked her to give thanks for the talents and unique skills that our Creator had given her to be placed into the service of her fellow man.  In doing this, her talents would then become a “grateful invitation” to be put into their “highest service” by the Universe.


Her passion to serve should become her new “heart-based” signal to the Universe to be met.

She said that she would begin a new thought process and asked for me to “hold a space” for her in my March 6th class.  I told her that I would and I asked her to take responsibility for committing to do something good for herself and not give thought to cost.  She should consider that “this good” would then become her investment in her own renewal.


She hung up the phone and 2 minutes later I received a call from another old friend of mine who called elated to tell me that she had just received a new job that she had always wanted.  She said that she wanted to attend my upcoming class, but that she had to redirect her attention to a family member who was in failing health.

She said, “I know that I can’t come, but I am so grateful for my new job that I would like to know if there is someone that I might recommend who could benefit from coming to my class who was currently struggling financially”.


My mouth dropped open!  I said, “You are amazing and truly heaven-sent, my dear!  I just hung up from another friend of mine who is going through a hard time and she is praying to make a change in her life by attending my class which she is scraping the money up for as we speak.”


I told her that my friend was working to find an amount of a “love offering” that she could generate to honor her “value” of the class.


She said, “Hal, this is my way of being grateful for my new opportunity and I would love to donate 75% of her class fees anonymously to allow her to come.”


I told her that I would honor that request.


I immediately called my other friend and told her….”You are the best manifestor that I have run across in quite some time!”  I asked her what she had done in the 10 minutes since she had just hung up the phone from me.  She said that she had let go of her worries and went to hug her grandchildren who were now living with her.

I told her of the immediate anonymous offer to donate 75% of our class fee if she would pay the balance to honor herself and keep the “value equation” in play.


She put the phone down to cry….


I told her that her faith and her heart had gone to work and Grace found an immediate answer.


So, what is a miracle?


A miracle is allowing what has always been near you just waiting to be revealed by your heart.


You want a formula for creating your own miracle?


SEEK your Divine Heart and you will FIND it…


ASK your heart to work with Grace and it will be GIVEN in its own time…


KNOCK upon the door of this powerful heart and this loving DOOR WILL BE OPENED to you!


What miracle are you waiting to see revealed in your life?  ….it is there my friends!


Allow your heart to show you!



Women seeking spiritual guidance

“Hal is the ultimate coach, teacher, business man, friend and family man. I have been fortunate to experience his intelligence, caring ways, strategic thinking and passion about his work. He implements all of these skills when teaching and coaching.more


What's special about Hal? His heart, his spiritual connection, his art and desire to listen, his ability to easily share all he believes and then take action. He loves what he does and does what he loves. And he inspires others to do the same. His values are clear and his lives them. It's my honor to call Hal my friend, my teacher and my inspiration.”


Deborah Dubree, Founder / CEO, ClearEdge, LLC

Forgiving Your Way to Freedom

Women dealing with stress

I believe in the miraculous power of forgiveness to restore our healthy balance in our life.more


Last year, the mother of one of my clients called me to do a "Soul Path Numerological Reading" for her to help her see what she could not understand.  She was stuck, depressed, overweight, and had lost her passion for life. After reviewing the path that the sacred vowels in her name showed me, I asked her why she was "abusing herself". 


I knew intuitively that she had brought many powerful lessons and teachers into her life to "mirror" her own feelings of inadequacy and shame for some reason and began probing about her childhood.


She revealed to me that her true father had passed away when she was 3 and that her mother had remarried a very abusive man who molested her every day of her life after she returned from school.  She had learned to "leave her body" to disappear during her youth.


She also told me that he was now in his late 70's and dying of cancer.


I told her that the only way that she would ever allow herself to be healed was to muster the courage to "go face the beast" that held her self-respect and to visit him in the hospital to release her shame before he passed away and to say these words, 


"Dad, I am here for you now!  I have been so afraid and angry at you these many years and have held so much hurt inside me that we need not revisit now.  I came here today to free MYSELF by telling you that I love you and forgive you, and I forgive MYSELF for allowing my fear to control me now for 44 years.  


You were the one person/teacher in the world that could allow me to truly understand how to FORGIVE.  We can now both have peace!"


Over the following weeks, I saw my client grow in Spirit, in confidence and in faith.  Having released "the monster" inside of her, she began to create a new and powerful and more respectful life for herself.  She has lost over 30 pounds, began attracting a powerful new support group of loving people into her life, gotten closer to her mother who gifted her an early inheritance to make miracles happen in her overall well-being now.


I cannot begin to tell you the power that angry thoughts have on us emotionally, mentally, physically and Spiritually.


I now hear from this client weekly on the miracles that she is creating in her life of JOY because she set her Spirit Free with FORGIVENESS.



In spite of what you will be told, read or believe… there are no bad relationships!
There are only powerful teachers and dramatic experiences designed by YOU to reveal LIFE CHANGING LESSONS for you. 
It is why you came here….to grow, to face change with love and courage and evolve Spiritually.
When things get rough, please remember that YOU invited this person or experience into your life to allow yourself to be pushed beyond what you were willing or capable of doing by yourself.
Your resistance to see your lesson in these moments of extreme discomfort tells you that you have hit on a life changing issue for yourself. 
This teacher or experience had your “Spiritual Consent” to push you into a deeper awareness of this lesson and to allow you to choose one of two actions:
1.      To blame them and say you were VICTIMIZED and holding a grudge against them
2.      To recognize the lesson and invite change into your life and “love them” on a higher level for fulfilling their purpose in your life.
So remember! Do not loose the significance of the lesson being taught when it arises. The teacher is merely a messenger arranged by you to push you. 
If you do not recognize the lesson, a new teacher will soon arrive to attempt to reveal your key lesson in a different way….it will be the exact same lesson with a different messenger.
Numerology is just one way to see your challenges, lessons and see the types of teachers and experiences that you will attract into your life.
Learn this lesson well! Your life is a carefully orchestrated play of teachers, lessons and experiences that YOU CREATED ON A HIGHER LEVEL to allow you to expand your Soul and in the process, learn to expand and magnify LOVE. 
So remember “Life is a SCHOOL, and LOVE is the ONLY LESSON...practicing FORGIVENESS allows us to move up many