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Farmington Hills MI 48335 - United States



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"Who needs the world, I've got my own.'


KyN2Mates is the lesbian couple's sounding board for the challenging dynamics of our unique relationships. KyN2Mates’ Sex 'esteem concept coaches lesbian couples on the obvious... Sex Intimacy Communication Commitment Relationships are all the same! However what goes on in our bedrooms can not be so comfortably discussed with someone who doesn’t quite understand our lifestyle. Look...everyone wants to keep their home fires burning...KyN2Mates is our corner of the world to discuss our 'L' issues.... I’ve plenty of life experience in relationships and my own sexuality…no classroom could ever teach me the lessons I’ve learned. I can advise on my personal knowledge and provide an honest prospective. Think of me as your best friend…sworn to secrecy and I will listen with an open heart. – Ky (ke)