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Children are our future. How we treat and educate our youth affects our future. By focusing on strengths – a child’s ability -development in all areas can be achieved in a positive, natural and meaningful way. With this positive influence, children will gain academic, social, and emotional success. We consider the best learning environment to be one in which children are actively involved. Children need to create their own knowledge and express themselves creatively in order for meaningful learning experiences to take place. When children are actively engaged in their learning, they begin to take ownership of their education as well as in the betterment of their future. All children have special gifts and talents. These talents should be recognized and developed throughout a lifetime through partnership with families and strong community ties. By identifying the diversity in children and allowing them to develop areas of strength and interests, children will begin to value and feel good about their special gifts while developing an appreciation for and acceptance of differences in others.


Are you feeling stressed, depressed, or hopeless? Have you experienced an abrupt profound change in mood? Do you dread coming home and having to deal with family members and their unacceptable behaviors? Are your children suffering socially and emotionally in the home and community settings?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions but still reluctant about counseling for the following or more reasons - "I don't want to talk to a stranger about all my personal problems”, "Counseling costs too much”, "It won't help anyway", "I don't have the time" or "I don't want to talk to a stranger about all my personal problems" Take heart, you're not alone - others have the same thoughts. Therapy isn't the stereotypical picture of you lying on a couch talking about how you were potty-trained. Quality counseling can help you gain a better understanding of what's going on in your situation and inside yourself. As a client, you are looking for relief from the struggles and heartaches you are experiencing in life. Seeking help for those struggles is a sign of strength, demonstrating your desire to live a more full and happy life. In finding this help, you can spend less time feeling consumed and spend more time enjoying your family, friends, and life pursuits.