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SexSmartFilms has evolved from what I could have only dreamed as a doctoral student at New York University more than thirty years ago. Back in the 1970's there were films for training sexual health professionals and others that were utilized by sex therapists and their patients. There also existed a small number of films for children and teens. Those had limited use due to their "controversial content." Then came the 1990's when the corporate world released sexual health films for adults that were advertised in popular magazines. Today, there is a proliferation of sexual health content on the Web. The difficulty for many is distinguishing accurate information from misinformation. reproduction kids teen mary calderone teenage erection It's the old story: How do you know? I read it in a book, so it must be true. Or "As seen on TV", so it must be good! SexSmartFilms will assure you of getting accurate sexual health information. Remember, films are simply educational tools that may be used to increase your sexual knowledge or clarify sexual information. In the ideal sexual health classroom, a film is introduced letting the audience know what they are about to see and what they might get out of seeing this film. After viewing, questions would be asked to give viewers a chance to process the information. SexSmartFilms will provide this context. There is a brief synopsis for each title. Viewers are encouraged to watch in groups and discuss the information they see on the screen. Please contact me directly if you have any questions about SexSmartFilms. Here's to promoting sexual literacy.


Mark Schoen began producing sexual health films in 1974, during his graduate school days at New York University. As an award-winning filmmaker and human sexuality expert, he has produced more than 50 sexual health films that have been broadcast, used in clinical and educational settings, and by the general public. He is author of the award winning children's sexual anatomy book and video, Bellybuttons Are Navels...available at Amazon.
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His productions have included projects for SIECUS, The Unitarian Church, and Planned Parenthood. Dr. Schoen has won six prestigious Telly Awards as well as other noted film awards for producing & directing in the sexual health field. He has been quoted in numerous publications and appeared on many television & radio shows.
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Dr. Schoen is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator and one of sixteen members on the National Advisory Council on Sexual Health led by former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher at Morehouse University, School of Medicine. He also serves on the Board of the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

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