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"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain." Anonymous

About Pam Thomas, M.S., PCC, RMT

"Sometimes life is like a coloring book. It gives you certain situations that are already outlined, but you get to decide the details and the colors to use." - Me

My life's work has been all about "blowing up" the myths, limiting beliefs, secrets, and fears that have held us all back from fully exploring and utilizing our own potential, for engaging our own positive mojo. Nothing is more powerful then the ability to be vulnerable, to connect at a deeper level with ourselves and others, and to realize that life is not about doing things to find ourselves, but rather doing the simple things to create ourselves. 

We are surrounded by messages, familial and external "world" messages that place us in a Tug Of War game where we struggle to fit in, yet try and be "better than" in order to stand out. It is that very struggle that leaves us feeling inadequate and small, rendering our view of ourselves and what we have to offer, the ideas we have to share, as not important. Basically we become mojo-less.

As an intuitive and certified coach who specializes in self-confidence boosting, positive mojo producing work, I'm dedicated to supporting others in un-learning those messages, in taking chances, being courageous in their own life, and making simple changes that have an individual impact. The bottom line, when we change for the better as individuals, we impact change globally. 

A few fun factoids ...

I'm a loving partner in an amazing, loving relationship. 
I'm a mom to a great young man. 
I enjoy honing and sharing my intuitive skills abilities.
I'm a certified Reiki Master Teacher.
I've been divorced once before.
I'm a lifelong learner. 
I love to cook and have been doing so for fun since I was eight. 
I always have several books on the go at one time.
I seem to have become a collector of oracle cards, with a few decks of tarot cards thrown in for good measure.
I love music and have sung in the choir and even had a small stint in a garage band. I still sing, but only in the car and shower.
I'm an animal lover. Although, I must admit, I'm not huge fan of reptiles unless it's a lizard.
I'm an Arizona desert dweller from the Midwest.
I have a heart and I'm not afraid to share or use it. 
I'm a cryer, yep...I have cried during certain commercials.
I'm a recovering co-dependent realizing that the only person's well-being we are ever really responsible for is our own.
I love to listen to others and support them on their journey to find the best solutions for them. 
I love presenting to large groups, but am an introvert by nature.
I've quite a few work-related experiences while trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up; a teacher in a classroom setting, a business owner of an internet production company, an independent contractor, co-founder of a non-profit AIDS prevention organization, and an editor. While I've enjoyed all my career choices, none have fit me nearly as well as an intuitive, certified coach, and teleclass leader. 
I am a mentor coach and a certification assessor.
I am a personal and business intuitive.
I have a B.A. in Creative Writing which I say gives me the license to speak and spell creatively (reading between the lines that means making up words.) 
I also have a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. (Try saying that 10 times fast, I dare ya.)
I'm a trained coach, Coaching Out of the Box licensed trainer, and a licensed Corporate Coach U Coaching Clinic Facilitator. I am also a faculty member of CoachInc.com, teaching some of the finest people in the world about the various coaching skills and how to incorporate them into their coaching practices.
I am a PCC certified coach through the International Coach Federation.
I'm also the former host of the radio show The Attraction Factor which can be found on Empower Radio, iHeart Radio and iTunes. To listen to a recorded version of the show, click here.
I am someone who likes to have fun and in her late 40s can still do the splits and cartwheels. Who says you ever have to get old?

Most importantly, I am someone who cares!!


Pam Thomas, M.S., PCC, RMT Success Stories

Coming back from the "depths of despair"

Women dealing with stress

On December 2, 2005, I was laid off from my job after only 6 months, due to financial cutbacks after the loss of a significant client. That event was the one that tipped the already heavily loaded side of the scale and sent me spiraling into depths of despair I had only known one other time in my life. I was devoid of hope, believing all my dreams had died and there was nothing left for me. I spent the entire month in this horrible state, with my only lifeline being the e-mail (and occasional phone) communication I had with one friend who I had only known barely 4 months, Scott. more

After getting through the holiday season and a bout of the flu with as much of a smile as I could manufacture, Scott suggested I get in touch with a friend of his in Arizona who was a life coach. He said her name was Pam Thomas and that he thought we would get along well. That day I emailed Pam, and it was one the best choices I have ever made. I remember telling her my story and asking her what she could offer someone in her late forties with no degree, no job, and some above average intelligence. She said she specialized in stuck people, so I decided to invest in myself and Pam became my coach. It was the first spark of hope I felt in what seemed like a very long time.

It was tough at first; just getting me to believe that there was something left to build on. I absolutely believed that there was nothing I could do, there was nothing I had to offer, professionally or personally, and that no one would take me seriously in the working world. I was paralyzed by fear.

Pam was undaunted by the challenge I presented to her. She was positive, encouraging, uplifting, practical, and gave me the tough love that I needed to combat my self-defeating tendencies. She gave me work to do, which I admit was not always easy...it was WORK…but she was always encouraging, never judgmental. She helped me believe in my talents and abilities and showed me that there was still passion for living and for my career hopes and dreams.

Today, a little more than 2 months later, I have begun my own business, New Phase Consulting, which Pam has guided me through step by step. Some days I have felt like the child she is trying to teach to walk, but she has always been supportive and encouraging. I am now involved in the incorporation process with the state and have a logo designed with the intention of having business cards printed. I have had contract work with 3 clients, and Pam has been an invaluable resource as I have learned to make sound decisions, and manage time and business in balance with my personal life, hobbies and interests.

Pam has been my angel. She is the type of friend that has been there to pick me up when I've fallen flat on my face, laughed with me, and shared my sorrows or just my "funky feelings". She is a woman of incredible talent, heart for people, and does her work with integrity like I have never seen before. She is my compass on this journey. Pam is not only my coach, she is a wonderful friend!

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