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Not Getting Along? You've come to the right place. Many of the problems people face involve relationships. Improving relationships is a mainstay of counseling. Call now to find out how you can improve the relationships in your life! I can also help with stress, anxiety and almost anything that ails you. As a psychotherapist, business consultant, writer, former adjunct professor, public speaker, and creator of Life Changing DVD's, I've helped thousands of people achieve their goals. I work with individuals, couples, families, groups, businesses and organizations. Go ahead, take the next step and contact me. I look forward to our time together. Explore ways to change your life at this site. Call me at 770.671.1814. Email: info@eddiereece.com

About Eddie Reece

Eddie Reece, MS, LPC is a licensed psychotherapist with a diverse background enabling him to relate to a wide variety of clients. He’s worked as a bartender, sales trainer, singer, grocery clerk and was even an Air Force officer. Eddie eventually earned his master’s degree in counseling from Georgia State University. His counseling career includes working at a psychiatric hospital, in the juvenile court system and drug and alcohol recovery treatment centers. He is now in private practice. Eddie’s driven by a desire to share what he's learning in life. His easy going, down to earth, humorous approach to life's most difficult questions combined with his passion for teaching and healing, will inspire your heart and mind to see the world differently. He is a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, served as Public Relations Chair for the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia, was a founding board member of the LPCA Foundation, is a former committee member of the Southern Region of the American Academy of Psychotherapists and a member of the Psychotherapy Guild. He once was an adjunct professor of counseling at Argosy University. He works with individuals, couples, groups, families and businesses. Eddie is known for his expertise in the psychology of money, communication training, sexual, grief/loss, recovery and spiritual issues. The focus of his work also includes helping people with anxiety and mood disorders, as well as sports enhancement. Eddie’s interests include public speaking, golf and music. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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One of the highest reated therapists in Atlanta


Not like any other therapy Eddie's approach is completely unique. He will set you at ease right away because he's accepting and non-judgmental, and also extremely insightful. What "got" me was when he informed my ex-husband and me that the goal of our marriage counseling was not to save our marriage but to save our RELATIONSHIP. With his help we realized we were better off as friends, and friends we remain to this day. I now continue my therapy on my own and appreciate it every time. more

Therapy is really worth it! I thought therapy would be difficult since the problems I struggled with in my relationship had lasted for far too long. As it turns out, seeing Eddie brought immediate relief. I was surprised to learn so much about how to improve my relationship in such a short time. I wish this stuff was taught in school. My partner and I are doing much better after just a few sessions. I look forward to learning even more and getting the most out of our relationship. Thanks so much Eddie. If you’re struggling, call him now.

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