Men: Work on Your Relationships, Work on Your Life!


It's time the apathy men have about their relationships comes to an end

by Gregg DeMammos

Why look at relationships?

Because if you look at your life, any place you are not moving as fast or as powerfully as you want could benefit from better relationships.  This work is up to us.

At work, if you feel you are in the wrong job, or should be moving up the ladder more quickly, better relationships, with clients, with superiors, with your team, will move you forward faster. If you're in a committed relationship, your needs, your happiness, the fruits of your partnership are primarily affected by your relationship.

Think of what you could have in your life if your relationships served your dreams and if they served the dreams of those you're in relationship with. We'd actually know each other for who we are and relate to each other without the show, without all the armor.

Imagine the momentum, the support and the celebration our lives would be filled with. 

That's why!

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Things have changed.  Until we take up this challenge, we're the ball and chain.

21st Century Man is taking up this challenge and offering an eight week tele-course led by four male coaches who are successful in the romantic and business relationships of their lives, designed to empower you to create the relationships you want.  Go to to register (or register a man in your life as a gift).

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