Marriage: A Divine Gift

kissing couple

Why you should cherish and appreciate your marriage until the end of time.

I was out for a 3-mile jog the other day in a park near my house. It was a mild fall evening and once I got out to run, I realized I really didn’t feel like running. I started and stopped then started again and finally kept on running. I took a route that I don’t normally take because I wanted to do something different.

As I was trotting along, looking down and straight ahead at the path in front of me, a miracle happened to me. At the precise up swing of my arm and hand, a leaf, falling from a tree fell directly into my hand. I didn’t even see the leaf, until after I felt it land in my hand, mid running stride and all. At first, I thought, “Wow, that was crazy,” which turned into “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that just happened! What a miracle.”

I mean seriously, what are the chances that a leaf would fall from a tree, glide through the wind at the perfect trajectory and land in my hand, mid running stride without me even trying to catch it. In addition, I thought about all of the starts and stops I had made (that I don’t normally do) and the different, completely unplanned route I had taken and how this wouldn’t have happened if my hand hadn’t been in that exact spot at that precise moment.

Every single thing had to occur in absolute perfect succession for this moment to have happened.

This got me thinking about marriage and the divine perfection it is when two people meet, fall in love and get married or choose life long partnership. There is a perfect synchronicity of events that has brought two people together to a time and place in each other’s lives where they choose to become life long partners.

This can’t be an accident, right?

The “starts and stops” include former relationships and heartbreaks, job relocations, seemingly random choices about lunch, or following an urge to meet a group of friends for happy hour or finally succumbing to the matchmaking of someone in your office. It’s an entire life of events that lead you to the moment you meet the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

Think about the seemingly random sequence of events that led you to your spouse or life partner. It’s not random.

I believe that people come together for a reason. I believe the reason is to heal our deepest pain and learn to truly love another, so that we might experience true love for ourselves. Think about it! Take a look at your own relationship. What is it that your spouse or partner intuitively supports you in healing that no one has ever made a difference with? 'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Takes On Marriage

What gift does your spouse or partner give you that nobody else ever can? What part of you have they unlocked that no other person has? What is your partner uniquely suited to provide for you that no other human being on the planet can provide?When we forget the divine purpose for our life long relationships, we lose our motivation. We suddenly forget the specialness and the holiness of our relationship.

Marriage gets hard. It gets boring. It loses its specialness when we lose sight of the miracle that it is, and forget about the deeper healing available in the relationship. Your coming together with this person and choosing to spend your life together is no accident. Your union is for a special purpose that perhaps only your soul clearly understands.

Just like the miracle it was for that leaf to fall into my hand at that precise moment, so it is that your life partner has fallen into your heart in this life. Practice honoring the specialness that this relationship is and honoring it as the divine gift that it is. You may get stuck in the day-to-day, human stuff, distractions and circumstances, but I invite you to keep your eye on the miracle that it is, that you were brought together for a special purpose.

Honor that purpose and allow it to feed your relationship and feed your soul. Learn what there is to learn, heal what there is to heal, enjoy what there is to enjoy and most importantly, love what there is to love. Appreciate Each Other