Defending Gisele

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A Super partnership, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

by Gregg DeMammos for 21st Century Man

Defending someone or something you love is powerful, but we look to comment on Gisele being outspoken like something else is more important, like the accuracy of her statement or her opinion creating some sort of scandal.

She's not a coach or commentator, no need to look at anything but the spirit behind her words. She's a wife who loves her husband, thinks he's the bees knees and wants him to win. I'll take that behind me any day of the week and I bet Bill Belichick doesn't mind that this is who his QB has at home pulling for him.

People can sort themselves out if they're offended and can't simply understand that this is what fierce love looks like. The receivers are big boys, I hope they have people in their lives behind them as strongly who think Tom Brady could have thrown the ball better!

She's a supermodel. She doesn't need to even learn about football, but she cares and supports Tom Brady, no matter what and that's great. She wasn't even on my radar before and now she's an example of a powerful way to be in partnership. Would you doubt what they can accomplish together with an attitude like that?

Have you created someone like that in your life? What are you waiting for?