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Do you have self esteem issues? Are you lacking self confidence? Are you looking for your lifes purpose? If so I am here to help you become empowered by building, your self-esteem, self confidence, recognize your worth and discover your lifes purpose. In addition to being a Life Coach, I am a wife, mother and friend. I am employed full time and I am part time student majoring in Human Services. I recieved my coaching certification through Coaches Institute International. I am a domestic violence survivor and have experienced and overcame many adversities in my life. I have had self esteem issues, self worth issues,relationship issues and the many other issues that come with just being a woman. I understand that to bring about change you must change your mindset. You must have a plan, put the plan in action and be accountable for those actions. I had to develop the “go–getter” mentality that it takes to be successful and most of all know that I am worth it. I had to overcoming my roadblocks, by letting go of negativity, and embracing my relationship with God. By understanding that the power of change was in me I was able to move forward in my life, this has given me a feeling of empowerment. This is what led me to pursuing my career as a coach, I feel that I can help other women find the opportunity to experience that same feeling.

Success Stories

Back to school

Women who are single parents

My first success involed a young lady who felt the reason she was having financila difficulty was because of her dead end job that she had become comfortable with, yet it was not allowing her to reach her financial goals. After only a couple of sessions and some encouragement, she made the decisions to further her education so that she could pursue a more satisfying and lucrative career. She set some goals and timelines to take all the neccesary steps to get enrolled in her local community college. She was able to recieve financial and enrolled this fall as a full time. We are both very excited about her achievement and there are many more to come.

Success in Progress

Women who are single parents

I am a new coach and I am working on my first success story. Stay tuned.