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Links for shrinks is a free networking hub for therapists and complimentary professionals to learn about creating an online presence. There is tons of information and support around creating a professional web site, blogs and using social media as a tool to market your practice.


Links for Shrinks is a networking hub for therapists and complimentary professionals. It's a supportive environment to learn and share information about how to create an ethical and successful online presence for your private practice.

LFS features a discussion forum, a place to read and share blogs and network with other professionals. LFS also posts videos, articles and the latest news that will keep you current on how to incorporate all things social media into your online presence.

As therapists, we have a unique role on the internet. As consumers turn to the web for their primary source of healthcare information and referrals, we have to let our potential clients know that we are here.

To create a successful online presence it important to be familiar with all the different resources such as proconnect (a directory site), twitter, facebook, youtube and other social networking sites.

LFS can also help you create an ethical presence. As therapists we have potential life saving and life changing information. Using social media to impart those messages is one of the greatest uses of this medium.

LFS is free to join and open to all mental health and complimentary professionals.