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Peace in our minds and in our lives is a cause-effect relationship




Peace in Our Minds & In Our Lives Is a Cause-Effect Relationship


Whatever brought you to this page could be anything from wondering what this is all about to some discomfort about who you are or what you enjoy in relationships. Anything from curiosity to discomfort to pain about your own personal and sexual relationships.


My work is upside down and inside out.


Rather than pretending that some tool, technique, book or class out there is going to bring you to a place of internal peace and comfort within yourself and your relationships, we start inside and work outward and from the ground floor up.

For some this can be a little scary at first. You mean, I can't just go read a book or take a class and that is going to fix me and my relationships?  Give me more intense, intimate and passionate relationships? 

Yes, you can have all of that - most definitely. And you will find it best and fastest by having your dessert, your comfort, your inner peace first.

 What Are Your Qualifications & Orientation?


My whole life has been spent in the practice and the study and the refinement of personal relationship. I have identified up and down the spectrum from bisexual polyamorous switch to monogamous submissive heterosexual. I am a trained sexual surrogate, though I no longer offer that form of therapy, but use it to inform my work. I hold a Master's in Counseling Psychology focusing primarily on relationships and spirituality.

I offer The Work of Byron Katie, IAM Meditations, BreathWork and various other perspectives, including yours!

I am Polyamory Friendly, Kink Friendly, GLBTQ Friendly and just about anything else-friendly you can think of. I am happy to help with any doubts, fears, guilts you have, as well as your passion, intensity and excitement.