Years in Practice

3-5 years


Windsor ON K3I 2Y3 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Career Counselor, Divorce Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

No matter where you are in your life, you CAN reconnect with your heart and transform yourself and the ones around you. With guidance and focus, willpower and commitment, the future you’ve been waiting for could arrive tomorrow. Leave the outside world to be what it is, and turn inside where the “block of marble” is waiting to be sculpted. Sculpted into a magnificent piece of art, that will inspire awe of not only the final “sculpture”, but also and most importantly of the sculptor whom people would want to know and admire, YOU.


I am a "Certified Professional Coach" and I have a Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a major in Marketing. I have Diplomas in "Project Management" and "Business Administration" and am also a Certified Reiki Practitioner. You may ask yourself, why a technical person? My logical and technical background had helped me to not to loose sight of the material world, with its laws and consequences, providing me always with the knowledge and the confidence in the choices I've made along the way. My spiritual side has shown me my infinite potential and continuously nourishes my integrity and strength of character. These are characteristics which I feel define us in our human existence.

ANCA BORDEIANU Success Stories

We're born women, rise to the occasion!

Single women

Why not a single and happy woman?!more

That doesn't mean that you cannot be in a happy relationship, but you are single now and this is the time to connect with inner you, with your heart. Take the time and make it a priority to strengthen this connection because it is so important for whom you will become. The outside world is telling us how to live, how to be, what to like and sends us messages constantly just to maintain this certain lifestyle in which we desperately try to fit, again because is “somebody” out there who checks the approval boxes for each one of us. The truth is that those people are like us, and if they developed a certain scale of values why wouldn’t we be able to develop ours? We have to be reminded about our own potential and originality, and it is so easy just to stop… and THINK. You know in your heart what to do, what you want, what is true and good and valuable, well know as well how creative and powerful you are when you look from within. A strong woman is one who doesn't fear of who she really is, she is not a woman who needs everybody's approval and she is not lonely with herself. We are born women, we better rise to the occasion! I praise a single woman who has interests of her own, who knows what she wants and who gives her affection, love and attention to whoever she considers, just because is her choice. No matter the people depending on you, children, parents, friends, you are the one who needs to develop in a way that will allow you to be there for them. You develop principles and values for yourself that define your everyday life. You enjoy doing it because you feel empowered by your choices and the confidence displayed in the process, and everything is real and it happens every day around you, and you feel and embrace the change. You are consistent, you keep your eyes on your goal to achieve, therefore you are successful! Now the people around you, see, feel and listen to the new you. Connecting with people was never easier, exuding confidence in your own skin you are a magnet in society, people  enjoy and look for your company and you are delighted in conversations, gatherings and one on one encounters, because you are what a woman should be, inspiration for love and respect.

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself, and if you find somebody to love the “YOU” you love, well that’s just fabulous!

 This is my success story, which continues today…