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I offer a highly experiential and transformative therapy for seekers of relational passion, intimacy and freedom. Every person has an inherent capacity to actualize their personal and relational dreams. The therapy provides safety to learn, skills to practice and new behaviors to live. .


Kathy Sirota, LCSW-C is a Social Worker certified as an Imago Therapist, an Imago Workshop Presenter and a Integrative Breathwork Practitioner. She has over 25 years experience in the field of Psychiatry having worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital and in Private Practice. Her work has theoretical clarity, compassionate zest, and a deep commtittment to enhance personal and relational transformation. She brings creativity and safety to the therapeutic potential of individuals, groups and couples.

Success Stories

Revealing True Self

Women starting over

In individual therapy, she talked about her frustration of not having a long-term, committed realtionship. She could see, over time, that her giving nature and her helping style covered up her fear. Her fear of abandonment was deep and born from her childhood. It made sense to her that her fear turned her significant partners away.....that they might have experienced her as controlling. Her giving and helping style of relating seemed to her partners as controlling and smothering. Trusting in herself more helped her to rely on her inner wisdom and loving power. She followed her gut about how to nourish herself and relax into her inner guidance. There was a growing awakening with significant others, friends, and family. Her deep personal satifsfaction nurtured evolving relationships of spaciousness, holding and liberated connection.

Transforming Self

Single men

The man come to the therapeutic group with a deep longing to learn how to live again as a single again person. His partner complained that he was controlling and absent. He felt wrongly blamed and unfairly treated. His children were experiencing the loss of their family as they had known it. He was concerned for his children and confused about how to help them. Members of the group talked about their issues as single again people and he felt safe to express his feelings and ideas. He began to try new ways of relating with his children and experienced a closer connection with them. His confidence grew. Members of the group supported him to enroll his children in a support group for kids. His children seemed to get what they needed from being with other children experiencing similar situations. It made sense to him because he was feeling nourished by his group. With support from the group, he found himself awakening to insights about how his behavior had iimpacted his relationship with his 'ex.' It made sense that she complained about his over-working and unavailability. He understood that he was avoiding problems in his relationship because he didn't know how to address the issues. He was guided by the group's support to try new relational behaviors. He took risks and learned to change self-preservation behaviors to insightful conscious behaviors. He cultivated loving power, emotional expression and potent listening skills. In transforming himself, he was able to care for his children with a lasting, significant parenting style. In tranforming himself, he was able to profoundly and positively impact his way of relating to others.

Realizing Authentic Love

Couples seeking to reinvest in their marriage

The couple came to the therapy with hoplessness, painful distance and grasping for liberation from pain. She experienced her partner as ignoring and minimizing her needs. Her partner wasn't available to communicate in challenging times. She felt invisible and was afraid of the relationship ending. He experienced his partner as intrusive and smothering. He felt demeaned and was concerned that he would have to live with being spoken to with a harsh tone. They learned and practiced a potent communication style in therapy. He learned that she experienced feeling invisible in her childhood and his ignoring her was re-injuring an old childhood wound.. She 'got' him that his parent was very controlling and he was re-experiencing an old, painful pattern. With insight and empathy, each partner committed to new behavior. They practiced the communicatin at home and tried out new behaviors that profoundly impacted their relationshiop. Using the therapy, they re-newed their romantic love and learned to sustain a relationship of nourishment, passion, and liberation.