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Some marriages were made in Heaven, but they all have to be maintained here on earth.

About Charles Joanides

My work with conflicted couples helps them reinvigorate their marriage. To accomplish this objective, I identify the main issues creating conflict, and then spend time helping each individual partner discern their personal role in the marital distress they are experiencing. I also help partners understand and change ineffective behavioral and communication patterns that are disrupting mutually satisfying conflict resolution. Toxic underlying issues that influence spouses’ and couples’ behavior and undermine meaningful communication are also coaxed to the surface and removed during therapy. I also foster a team approach, and hardly ever sit back and simply observe. At times, I will assume the role of an educator, at other times I am a referee. Sometimes, I may be more like a coach, and at other times I will be like a mirror that reflects back what I am seeing. In each case, my objective is to challenge spouses and couples to accept responsibility and embrace change. Since I believe that therapy should not end once the couple has left my office, couples are assigned regular homework to help sustain the momentum of therapy. While the well-being of a couple’s marriage is my primary focus, as marital satisfaction improves, spouses also report enhanced personal growth.

Fees and Length of Therapy

Therapy sessions are normally 60 – 90 minutes, generally occurring once a week. I will also verbally discuss fees with you. I operate on a flat fee basis and charge $60.00 per session.

My Qualifications. I hold a Ph. D. In Human Development and Family Studies, with a speciality in Marital and Family Therapy from Iowa State University. I am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a clinical member of the American Association of Marital and Family Therapists (AAMFT), as well as an approved supervisor. I have authored several books and numerous articles, and conduct premarital, and marital workshops around the country. I am also an ordained Greek Orthodox Priest serving St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Newburgh, New York. I have been married for 30 years, and we are blessed with two young adult children.

The majority of my experience has been working with couples and families. While I do see individuals alone and in groups, I attempt to involve the entire family where appropriate and when possible. I have worked with individuals, couples, and families experiencing a wide range of problems. My training and experience provides me with the ability to assist with concerns that range from children’s behavioral problems, marital problems and family violence/hostility, as well as social skills training and alleviating fears, anxiety, and depression.

I am not a physician and cannot prescribe or provide medication, nor perform any medical procedures. If medical treatment is indicated, I can recommend a physician and in certain situations, I have worked in concert with and under the supervision of a psychiatrist.