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Commitment is taking responsibility for creating the life you want.


Rev. Ann Fuller is an ordained member of the clergy by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brevard in West Melbourne, FL and serves as one of their ministers. She also offers independent ritual ministry in her community aside from her congregational duties.

Ann earned a BA in Politics at Washington & Lee University and a MA/PhD in Divinity Studies at Columbus University. In August 2010, she will complete a graduate degree in humanist leadership with the Humanist Institute.

Ann is a Certified Marriage Educator with the National
Marriage Centers and teaches private and group marriage education classes. She teaches adult religious education courses, specializing in comparative religion and mythology. She speaks at Unitarian Universalist congregations and to humanist organizations throughout Central Florida.

Ann has resided in Brevard County, FL since 1994. She and her husband, Jamie, have been happily married for over 16 years and are raising three sons.

Success Stories

It's Called a Class, But It's Loads of Fun

Engaged couples

I was understandably nervous when I taught my first group marriage education class. The course is designed to include couples at various stages of commitment. The first class was truly intergenerational and included engaged couples and couples who had been married for a number of years. I was terrified I would bore the engaged couples to tears and have the married couples howling in laughter at the absurdity of what I was teaching.more

I was delighted and more than a little relieved to receive positive feedback throughout the class and a few thank you notes several days after the class. The engaged couples all said they learned a lot and found it far more fun than they had anticipated. One couple sent me an email that said, "We had such a great time and learned loads. We are telling all of our friends about it!"

A couple that had been married for a decade agreed with all of the course material and the husband said, "You know I didn't really expect to learn anything new, but boy was there a lot of interesting stuff I had never considered before, but made absolutely perfect sense."

Reactions like these make all of the preparation worthwhile and definitely made me look forward to the next group class with great excitement.