Don't Let Resentment Keep You Guys From Doing The Dirty

Why should you let your frustration stop you from getting down with your bad self?

Deciding to finally settle down and raise a family with your soulmate is a pretty big deal. Whether you plan it or not, taking care of the kids (and your husband) pretty much becomes a full time job, which makes sneaking in sexy time like mission impossible.

After running after the kids all day, wanting to take a much needed moment to just catch your breath and rest up a bit is totally warranted. We definitey understand how bearing the brunt of the caretaking everyday can drive you crazy and end up making you resent your husband. Seriously, how can he even expect you to get in the mood after feeling like you just ran a marathon?

Dr. Suzanne Olds of After Nine Tonight totally gets this and tries to help get to the root of the problem. Feeling like your partner in crime isn't really listening when you talk about the kids and work would get anyone frustrated; just feeling plain old appreciated would be nice. But one thing that we've got to realize is that how we handle our resentment is SO important. Even though bottling up our anger by withholding sex seems like the best way to even the score (the sweetest revenge!), it'll only end up hurting your relationship more.