If You're Serious About Finding Love, Stop Being So Insecure

Love, Self

Do yourself a favor and stop sabotaging yourself.

After jumping back into the dating game, we've all been guilty of letting our nerves get the best of us. From worrying about how smooth we're coming across or wondering what he really thinks of you, being stressed out is pretty much a given. But ladies, we're going to have to draw the line at letting your insecurities take control of how you approach your date. For starters, if you've seriously been panicking over whether you should lose weight before hitting that cute guy up for a coffee date, we're going to have to set you straight. 

Spending so much time obsessing over your "flaws" won't do anything to help your dating situation. There is no magic pill that will make you perfect. Instead of asking if you should lose weight before putting yourself out there, ask yourself why you would want to see someone who cares about the superficial. If he's the right guy for you, he'll look past all of these supposed imperfections that you have. Author Charles Orlando even backs this up by stressing that they won't even matter to him because he'll genuinely be into you. Being in a constant state of worry will only add fuel to the fire. And if you only hang out with people who practically make being negative a profession, you need to fire all of your friends immediately! If you're confident in yourself, everything else will just fall into place.