Love Bytes: What His Favorite Book Says About Him

guy reading

Plus, the surprising reasons guys give for not wanting sex (other than a real headache).

Can you judge a man by his (book) cover? We think so. Find out what his go-to read reveals about him as a man (and potential partner in life for you.) (Glo MSN)

Yes, even men need a vacay from sexytimes. (The Stir)

This woman spent $99,000 to look like a blow-up doll. (Seriously.) (Huffington Post Weird News)

Your hair can be one of the best wingmen around. (Modern Man)

The safe sex fruit roll-up. (Is your childhood ruined yet?) (Refinery29)

There's a difference between being twins and having sexy times in a twin bed. (College Candy)

Some unspoken realities about girlhood. (The Berry)

So your frenemy is engaged (we know, commence the eyeroll) ... but here's how NOT to let that jealousy get in the way of her wedding. (Madame Noire)

Spring is officially here! Commence shopping for the perfect date night outfit in three ... two ... one! (SheFinds)

Is it ever a good idea to get back with your ex? Let's find out. (HerCampus)

These celebs love getting nude on Instagram (and frankly, we're not complaining). (The Gloss)

Maggie Q can bare-ly tone down her excitement. (TooFab)

Celebrate your lady parts! Love them even when they cause excessive tears, chocolate overdose, and make hormones rain. (DearVagina)

Don’t let the awkward turtle syndrome stop you from nabbing your crush! (Cupids Pulse)

"I want it that way!” A musical about why guys never live up to your romantic standards. (A New Mode)

From the LOL-funny to the cringeworthy, here are the best masturbation movie scenes of all time. (Gurl)

"Be yourself" may be the oldest advice in the book when it comes to romance, but reality star Marcus Pierce seems to think it works. (Cupids Pulse)

You'll need one of these for date night, odds are! (HiConsumption)

Ready to make all of your girlfriends jealous with this bling? (SheFinds)

9 things not to do if you win the lottery. Gettin' lucky isn't the same as staying that way. (Guyism)

8 of the weirdest fetishes. We've all got our kinks, but some may be more interesting than others. (Guyism)

Some women over anal-yze their sexual fantasies. Do what you want, but be smart about it! (DearVagina)

Committing to a relationship shouldn't feel like throwing away your basic human rights. (A New Mode)

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