18 Totally Legitimate Excuses For Why You're Having A Dry Spell

sad single woman

Even the most sexual (and sexually attractive) people sometimes find themselves in a dry spell!

Sometimes it feels like everyone around you is getting it on: your friends, your neighbors (you do hear them every night, over and over), your coworkers and even the squirrels outside your window. Then there are those who aren't immediately in the throes of passion, but who tend to have a pretty good idea of where their next lay is coming from. But even the most sexual (and sexually attractive) of people sometimes find themselves in a dry spell — there's nothing wrong with you! But that doesn't mean this involuntary celibacy won't make you bitter and potentially place you as the butt of your friend's (loving) jokes.

At some point, you'll find yourself coming up with excuses for your dry spell, if only to shut up those around you. If you don't already have a running list, here are some that will nip the questioning from others in the bud. It's your life; you'll bang when, if, and how you want.

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