Body Language 101: From A First Date To Meeting The Parents

a couple on a date
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Don't stand with your arms crossed, don't touch your face, don't break eye contact, but what else?

Don't stand with your arms crossed, don't touch your face, don't break eye contact — when it comes to body language, we've all memorized these words of wisdom.

Whether you're embarking on a first date, going on an interview to land that dream job, or being forced to deal with your fear of public speaking at work, body language is an incredibly important factor in your success — or lack thereof. And according to body language expert Blake Eastman, the founder of Manhattan-based research and teaching organization the Nonverbal Group, not only are physical signals important, but on many levels, they're even more impactful than the words we say.

"These little slices of how you interact with other people are a big deal in your day-to-day life," Eastman says. "For example, your boss may not even realize it, but the whole reason they perceive you to be less valuable is because you’re expressing that you’re not confident."

According to Eastman, most of the hackneyed body language tips we've come to know are completely bogus, because they're so over-cited and over-used that they accomplish nothing but making you precisely what you don't want to be: completely average.

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