National Coming Out Day: 10 Cheeky Reasons To Stay In The Closet

Life Coach: National Coming Out Day

Coming out is all about being authentic: celebrate this National Coming Out Day with a laugh!

7. Your sanity isn't that important.
It's a crazy, crazy world, so why would you want to become one of the sane ones by coming out? Buck it up, jump into the fray with everyone else, and let this confusing sexual orientation deal be your "thing". Everybody needs a thing.

8. Being heterosexual isn't all that bad.
Wait. I mean pretending to be heterosexual isn't all that bad. For centuries, men and women from all walks of life have hidden their true sexual energy, and they've gone on to live happy, productive, married, or single lives. True, they've been having flings on the side, hiding out in chat rooms, and posting false profiles on hook-up apps. Who's it hurting? Um, no one, because there are a ton of others doing the same thing. You're in great company!

9. True love and dynamite sex are what romance novels are made of; not real life.
While you may think that "coming out" will lead you to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and having mind-blowing sex, it's all a myth. First, you have to give up your hard-earned values and have random sex with lots of different partners, because that's how all out people live their lives. By the time you're done sleeping around, you're either morally compromised, have an STD, or immune to what real love looks like. So save yourself the heartache and effort! Put your fantasy to rest and just marry a nice heterosexual. 

10. I don't want to be unemployed.
Sorry, I'm going to be a little selfish. If you come out, then what am I supposed to do? Coach people to be happy? Ugh! How boring would that be? The more you people "come out", the closer I get to being out of business, so just stay in the closet and let me help you feel better about yourself. My goal isn't to help you love yourself and be happy — it's to keep myself employed.

...Okay, time for some real talk. Honestly, if you've bought into any of these reasons for not coming out of the closet, then I've got an iceberg in Arizona to sell you.

In true honor of National Coming Out Day, and to be fully supportive of you and your journey — or that of someone you know who may be struggling, I encourage you to come out. Being who you really are is powerful, and that power impacts all aspects of life. It can lead to deeper levels of happiness and peace. The only thing standing between you and your true self... is you.

This National Coming Out Day I invite you — all of you — gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, etc. to take the brave bold step and "come out". Be yourself, just as you are, for your own health, wellness, and happiness.

And hey: as one last tip, even though it's National Coming Out Day, that doesn't mean you have to come out. We all come out at exactly the same time... when we're ready.

Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone!

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