Cindy Crawford's Kids Look Just Like Mom (See The Cute Photo!)

Cindy Crawford
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Too. Adorable.

You have to see it to believe it. Cindy Crawford's children are basically clones of her. The kids' resemblance to their mother is so startling that we had to do a double take!

Her 13-year-old daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber has mom's brunette locks and 15-year-old Presley Walker Gerber has his mother's beauty mark. Cindy has been married to their father, Rande Gerber since 1998.

We suppose it wouldn't be the worse thing in the world to look like your supermodel mother. What lucky kids! We wonder if these genetically blessed children will follow in their mother's footsteps and venture into modeling?

Click Here To See The Adorable Photo Of Cindy Crawford's Children

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