Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Serenade Kids With Heartfelt Melody

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

The A-list power couple used their power for good in this adorable video.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have long been established as a power couple due to their success in their marriage as well as the entertainment business. The dynamic duo recently shared another source of power with the rest of the world: the power of music.

In a heartening move, the adorable pair harmonized a beautiful rendition of "Amazing Grace" with the staff of the Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne on Friday, June 13th. Luckily for us, a video was captured of this precious moment which shows Keith Urban strumming on the guitar and singing while wife Nicole Kidman sings alongside the staff. Not only is this incredibly heartwarming, it is guaranteed to give you chills — especially when the staff happily joins in. If you're somehow in need of another reason to absolutely adore this star couple, this is it.