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I'm 31 years old and was born with Spina-Bifida which means I walk with crutches all the time,but I get along well. In my spare time I love to watch tv,listen to music,and surf the net. And I also like contributing to this site because there are so many people here that I can relate to and it helps ease the pain of my situation. But,I have strong faith things will change one day. I'm also a devout Christian,so any advice I give will be based on BIBLICAL standards and as for anyone who takes offense to anything religious that is tough because I am proud of who I am and WILL NOT make any apologies for it! I WILL tell it like it is! Also, I won't tolerate any perverts looking for someone to go to bed with because I'm not like that,so if that is what you're after please don't waste your time contacting me,but you will be in my prayers. As for everyone else,add me to your friends or send me a message! :)

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