5 Steps To Breaking Up With Your Ex

Break up with your ex
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Unfriend your ex...and give yourself a break-over!

Unfriend your ex...and give yourself a break-over! Feb. 13 is the Second Annual Break Up With Your Ex Day, and we've launched BreakUpWithYourEx.com as a resource center to help people move on and forget about their ex — for good — before Valentine's Day.

Did you know that most people are still hopelessly hung up on their exes? It's true... here are more breakup stats that will help you get over your ex:

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Our founder and CEO Andrea Miller says: "Based on our research women are more ready now than ever to move on from exes and embrace the concept of a break-over. We are eager to provide them with an abundance of support to this end — no matter what love stage they're in."

So join our Break Up With Your Ex campaign and get rid of your ex — for good!

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