Best Summer 2011 Bikinis To Flirt In

mix bikini

Fun, interesting and wacky -- on the beach and off, these bikinis have it all.

We recently discovered a company called MiX Bikini, which makes bikinis made of pieces that you can mix and match in creative ways. If you're craving some fun and variety in your swimwear—and hoping to get noticed—these could definitely help you out this summer: You can make it so your right boob is a different color from your left boob and a different color from your bikini bottoms! Certainly a conversation piece. Prints range from skulls to argyle and there are all sorts of bright colors. We personally prefer a polka-dot-zebra-print combination. Looking at these bathing suits inspired us to find more off-beat bikinis out there, so we stumbled upon Shocking Bikinis of 2011 from The Daily Beast. From Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon to Kim Kardashian, these stars sure know how to rock 'em...often completely shamelessly. You simply must check out Rihanna's studded neon ensemble.

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Photo courtesy of MiX Bikini.