'Best Girlfriend Award' Goes To Whoever Is Behind This Painting

Love, Heartbreak

Randy Savage, is that you?!

The internet is full of endearing boyfriend-girlfriend wins.

But this weekend, we stumbled across a special little gem on Reddit submitted by a user named zjneih2:

"I've told my girlfriend many times I like to think Randy Savage and my dog Scout are looking down on me and my cat from heaven. She commissioned this painting to reflect that thought."

Cue what is probably the most epic commemorative pet mural you'll ever set eyes on:

(I know, right? It pretty much speaks for itself.)

We're not sure which is the best part: the idyllic countryside scenery, Randy Savage in a sexy "draw me like one of your French girls, Jack" pose or the fact that Bodie the cat is a little, ahem, hefty. (More furry room to love, right?)

"The picture the artist used for Bodie was when he was at his absolute fattest," says the anonymous boyfriend. "The painting was based on an older picture. I've had him on a diet. He still needs to lose some weight though."

According to the lucky boyfriend, this oil painting is the genius artistic work of Etsy artist Lyndsay Moy from whom you can order a custom portrait of your furry companion for $75.00. (You can find her shop here.)

In any case, we consider this a girlfriend "win" of epic proportions. All other ladyfolk might want to take notes from Stacey.