Batting For The Other Team? Stop Making These Major Mistakes!


Girl, don't let these mistakes get in the way of scoring that second date with your lady love.

Whether you're a stranger to the dating game or not, there are certain cues that you can just pick up from your partner to figure out where your date is heading. Sometimes, we spend so much time worrying over how well things are going (or if they can read the nervousness plastered all over our faces) that we ignore the telltale signs that show us just how interested our date is. When it comes to lesbian love, this isn't any different.

First things first, when dating expert Mary Malia mentions that paying attention to details can make a major difference in how our date ends, she kind of has a point. Thinking that we are the exception to the rules will get us nowhere; if she says that she is only interested in casual dating, we can't automatically assume that being with us is going to change her mind. It just won't. We've got to change how we approach dating. If we took every experience as a lesson, we'd be able to come back stronger — and maybe even hit it out of the park this time around. The point s that the only way to score that second date is by feeling out the vibe and readjusting our game plan.