What 2012's Top Baby Names Say About Our Kids' Future Love Lives

What 2012's Top Baby Names Say About Our Kids' Future Love Lives

The name you give your child has longstanding consequences.

In summary, we want our boys to be supermen: intelligent, able to handle all situations with ease, willing to work hard and accomplish Herculean tasks.  In order to be and do those things, our men will sacrifice their relationships and not have as much time as their women would like them to have to share with them. Our men will juggle their loved ones with their numerous other responsibilities and sacrifice sleep and their health in the process.  As women we will need to learn to do more without our men in order to minimize our demands upon them.

Our top ten boy and girl names indicate that our society wants to go back to traditional roles and values. We want our girls more domesticated and willing to let the boys lead. We want our boys to be able to lead, fix anything and self-sacrifice for the good of the ones he loves. We don't want our girls too smart nor our boys too controlling. This indicates that our society is doing its best to move back to more secure times where our children have more traditional values.


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