Amazon Vs. Apple: Who Has The Sexiest Employees?

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One came out on top. The other? It didn't turn out pretty. Drum roll, please…

In what might be the nerdiest "hot or not" debate of all time, a new study pits the employees of several tech giants against each other: Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook.

The study was conducted by dating app Hinge, which uses social media to create your profile and match you up with potential dates from your extended network, based on stats like your religion, location, interests, etc.

"We conducted the study because we know there is more to attractiveness than looks alone," Marketing Director Karen Fein tells us. "On Hinge, users can see details that actually matter when determining if you might want to meet up — like workplace, education, friends in common and more. We knew these attributes likely had an impact on how people are perceived and how sought after they might be. The study aims to uncover those trends."

So in this head-to-head battle of reigning office hotness, who comes out on top? (Drum roll, please...)

And according to the data? Hinge users swiped right for an Amazon employee (indicating they'd like to connect) 14 percent MORE OFTEN than an average profile. Their hotness ranking was followed by Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple, in the following order:

Amazon: 14.2%

Microsoft: 8.2%

Google: 7.2%

Facebook: 2.3%

Apple: -0.2%

So even though employees from three of these tech giants are considered hotter than the average date, based on swipes, Amazon workers were still twice as hot as Microsoft and Google (who were perceived as 8.2 and 7.2 percent more desirable, respectively).

Facebook didn't fair much better, coming in third at 2.3. Although to be fair, have you heard of anyone having a monster crush on Mark Zuckerberg? Nope, me neither.

And then there's poor Apple. Apple ranked the lowest (cue collective gasp) at a dismal -0.2. (Read: uglier than average.) Ouch. You want a salve for that burn, Tim Cook?

Case in point: You might want to reconsider an office romance with that hunky hipster in the tech department. Keep sizzling behind those computer screens, boys.