8 Love Lessons Women Can Learn From 'The Bachelorette'

emily maynard The Bachelorette

Good-bye, Doug! What "The Bachelorette" teaches us about dating and relationships.

I have to admit that I'm an obsessive fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise. Since 2003, I've watched too many crying breakdowns in limousines, steamy hot tub kisses and beautiful proposals that rarely become weddings. However, it wasn't until this season with beauty and single mom Emily Maynard that I began to realize The Bachelorette is more than just my Monday-night guilty pleasure.

Skeptics believe that The Bachelorette is fake and there's no hope for finding love on a reality show, especially with the show's success rate, or lack thereof. Well, I am going to be skeptical of the skeptics and claim that there are some universal love lessons women can learn from this show regardless of whether the couples end up together forever.

This season, the show's eighth, is also the first time we have a very levelheaded bachelorette who knows what she wants and doesn't take any crap from the men. She has already eliminated obnoxious Kalon and smooth-talking Ryan, and has kept even fan-favorite Arie on his toes. The search for love is no joke to Emily.

For every season of The Bachelorette, here are eight love lessons the show has taught us:

1. Make a lasting first impression. The first impression rose is one of the most important roses handed out on the show. The man who receives this rose will usually stick around for a long time. So make a lasting impression the next time you're interested in someone, so you can stay in his life. (But I wouldn't suggest bringing an egg, a glass slipper or your grandma to the first date!)

2. Date a few men at a time — at least at first. This might seem overwhelming as a typical dater, but it's actually beneficial. You can go on a variety of different dates, compare your suitors and determine which guy is the right one for you. Then you can start seriously dating the one who's right for you, just like our bachelorettes. It also makes you seem and feel wanted, which men naturally love. Just make sure you choose a guy and tell the others goodbye before it's too late.

3. A little physical activity, with a mix of competition, goes a long way. For the past few seasons of The Bachelorette we have seen oil wrestling, boxing and the Highland Games; it seems to me that the producers know how to keep these men interested. To keep your guy on his toes, do an activity together that you know he will love. Whether you do this as a couple or with a group of friends, it will keep all his muscles — including his heart — working.

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