Skip The Gym! 7 Ways Moms Already Work Out On A Daily Basis

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Who needs Tae Bo? I already do 7 daily exercises just by being a mom.

Moms, is it just me or are you so exhausted at the end of the day that going to the gym seems like a monumental task? Well, duh. Of course it's a monumental task because guess what? You've already been exercising all day!

In fact, just today you've probably already:

1. Completed an obstacle course challenge

These days I'm rather impressed at how easily I'm able to navigate my living room, I mean the obstacle course, while running to answer the doorbell that conveniently rang while a child was sleeping. I ran downstairs while holding my other child, a plate of food, and talking on the phone, then navigate through a sea of Lego's, around a Barbie house, over a truck, across a bed of smashed Cheerio's, under a half-inflated birthday party balloon, before taking a final flying leap over a still-drying art project. Not only did I reach a personal best today in the time department, but I got to the door before the bell rang again and woke up my sleeping child. 

2. Ran sprints

The stomach flu ran through my house last week. I don't care if you are a gold-medal Olympic athlete, I DARE you to outrun me when I hear that distinctive pre-barfing noise come out of one of my children. I'll wake myself out of a dead sleep and have a bucket in my kids face in a nano second. Time me.

3. Lifted weights

Ten bags, three gallons of milk, and two watermelons: I'm bound and determined to get every single one of those grocery bags in the house in one trip. I don't care if I strain my back or risk a bag breaking open, come hell, high water, or under-my-feet-children, I WILL get those groceries all in the house in one trip. (Now that I'm thinking about it, this may also have been the moment when I acquired that pesky muscle pull, er, I mean sports injury that's been bothering me for a few days now. Ouch.)

4. Wrestled.

If you have ever changed a toddler's diaper, you know what I'm talking about. 

5. Did 100 squats

The amount of things a young child can throw out of a stroller, shopping cart, crib, and from a highchair requires about 100 squats, minimum, per day. Offensive.

6. Ran long distance

I took my kids to the playground today. The little one thinks he can do the fire pole, cross the street by himself, and swim in the lake. I did my motherly duty and followed along, mere inches behind his fragile little toddler-speed body the entire time. If you've ever played with a toddler you know they only have one speed: Speedy Gonzales. (And a toddler stamina rivals most predatory animals.) If the playground were a highschool track, I got in four, five mile easy.

7. Got my heart rate above 100 at least three times

Today's heart-rate inducers include noticing my son tipping over in a chair, watching a glass falling off the counter, and observing my daughter *just* about to touch the stove. I would now like to publicly thank my children for keeping my heart healthy and I would also like to publicly thank my heart for not giving out on me ... yet.