10 "Crazy" Things All Women Do That Are Actually Totally Normal

crazy girl

Yes, you ARE normal.

Listen, we all have our days when we're not sure which way is up or down and we wind up asking the people we're closet to if we're acting "totally crazy." (Spoiler alert: You're probably not.) Here 10 "crazy" things all women do that are 100% normal. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

1. Thinking You're Crazy
If the guy you're seeing is consistantly calling you "crazy", he may be gaslighting you. And don't worry - I didn't know what gaslighting was until I personally experienced it. Its actually a form of mental abuse that makes you question your sanity or memory of an argument or situation. Do you constantly feel like your mate has selective memory? Is he/she saying his accusations are "jokes"? Are you confused in general? Then he's gaslighting you and playing mind games. So, no. You're not crazy.

2. Wanting Commitment
If you've been "nagging" him for a few months about making it official, you're not actually nagging. You're asking for what you deserve based on your time and investment. There's nothing wrong with wanting a commitment, and you shouldn't be ashamed for wanting to take things to the next level with a guy you care about. If he doesn't give it to you in a fair amount of time, walk away. You should be with a man who's excited to call you his girlfriend. And trust me, you'll be happy that you did it.

3. Doubting Your Appearance From Time To Time
We all know how to "sex up" our look when the occasion calls for it. But some days, self-doubt gets the best of us. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, but it's temporary. When I'm in an appearance rut, I spend some extra time pampering myself ith a new outfit, changing my hair or color, and sometimes just a pedicure will do the trick. Sprucing yourself up a little bit always helps to boost your confidence!

4. Wanting the wrong guy
Sometimes we want the wrong guy. It's like craving pizza when you're on a diet—deep down you know you're not supposed to indulge, but it's so good. But, stop! Get out of a bad situation before it gets worse. If your gut tells you he's wrong—then let your feet match it and walk away. Better yet, if your friends and mother tell you a guy is no good, run!

5. Social Media Stalking
To quote Cruel ‚ÄčIntentions, "EVERYONE does it, but NO ONE talks about it."

It's not unusual for women to check out an ex on Facebook or Instagram to ... see what they're up to. But while it may be normal, it's not healthy. When I find myself doing this, I'm more likely to unfriend them or unfollow to avoid the obvious temptation.

6. Hurting When You Learn Your Ex Has Moved On
It doesn't matter if you're in fabulous new relationship or getting married, there will always be a slight twinge when you hear that your ex has a new love. As strong as you may be, it'll still sting. But don't worry! You're normal for feeling that way. And the pain of feeling a little 'replaced' is certainly real.

7. Being Opinionated
Do your views (particularly about the opposite sex) sound, well, more feminist the older you get? Do new dating norms offend you? This is totally normal because the world has literally changed before our eyes in the last decade—and so has dating. So if you feel like the men you're encountering are chauvinistic and sexist, chances are, there's some truth in that statement. I promise for every 10 guys I meet, there is a chance that half of them will ignite something inside that makes me become that know-it-all girl you remember from class.

8. Wondering If You Can Be With A Man You're Not Physically Attracted To 
There will be a time when you like a guy, but aren't totally into him physically. Does the fact that you don't want to be with him make you shallow? No. You're not alone here. The question has crossed my mind more than a few times in the last several years. While I may stick it out for a little bit—especially if others think he's good looking—truthfully, if he doesn't tickle my fancy, he must go. Attraction is key in a relationship.

9. Questioning Why Your Friend Got Married Before You
It's totally normal, believe me. Just know that your opportunity will come, too. Thanks to social media, I've had many head-scratchers that I couldn't quite understand. But I've learned that the best thing to do is to be happy for the couple and know that the best is always last.

10. Questioning Whether Marriage Is Right For You
It's normal—more than that, it's OK—to question whether or not marriage is right for you because it encourages you to examine the WHY behind your life goals. Reasons other than "I'd always wanted it" will help you affirm those life goals and work toward achieving them. When you've finally decided that you actually want to get married, you can start looking for what will actually work for you. I've seen many marriages fail because people wanted a wedding and didn't actually want to be wives or husbands (a lot of times because they didn't know what that meant). Questioning if it's for you will give you a new lease on your life goal (because chances are, it is totally what you want, and it will happen for you).

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