12 Things Professional Career Women Find Sexy

professional couple
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And no, being wealthy DIDN'T make the list.

Perhaps you've seen the article 11 Things White Collar Men Find Sexy, in which a lawyer gets real about what makes it him hot. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's a two-way street, boys! Professional, white-collar women have their ideals, too. So if you want to snag a suit-wearing, high heel clicking, professional lady who's a boss in the boardroom, listen up!

1. Ambition. A sharp, sexy, professional woman with smarts wants to meet her match, so rest assured having ambitions and goals will turn her on. You don't need to be the CEO of Fortune 500 company, mind you, you just need to show drive in your chosen career field, that you're interested in moving up in the ladder. If you’re working a regular 9-5, aspire to management.

2. A man in a suit. I know what you’re thinking: we're around men all in suits all day! But are those men OURS? Not necessarily. Show your professional woman that you can clean up in a nice, sexy modern suit with a little style, and she’ll be dying to show you off at her next work function. Or to take it off piece by piece, that works too.

3. A little bad boy edge. While it may sound a little contradictory because we love men who clean up well, it's also intriguing to us if a man has a little bit of a past. Perhaps an unusual hobby, a tattoo or a car that he drives waaaay too fast. Professional women love it when men can expose us to something different outside of our beaten, pearl-wearing path. Rule of thumb: the naughtier, the better (within reason.) We don't want ex-cons. 

4. An education. It doesn't have to come with an Ivy League price tag, but having a degree is sexy to a professional woman. It shows that you're able to dedicate yourself to a cause for four years and achieve a goal. It also goes a long way if you two are having a healthy, spirited debate about something in the news or popular culture.

5. A backbone. The woman you desire has probably bossed many-a-men around. She might have even worn the pants in some of her previous relationships. But the truth is, she doesn't want to. (Okay, maybe she wants to a little.) Show her you have a backbone by taking the lead, making plans and being assertive. Put her in her place if she deserves it and do NOT let her have her way all the time. Why? Because she's used to having it her way.

6. Show her who the real boss is. Backbones are also welcome in other places, like the bedroom. For a woman who is usually buttoned up and conservative, don't be afraid to push the envelope here and there and let her know that the bedroom is one place where she isn't the boss. Showing her that you run things outside of the office will make her all yours and show you a surprisingly submissive side of your boss-lady.

7. Confidence. While it goes without saying, it takes a lot of confidence to be with a mover and shaker. Men will vie for her attention, even if she chooses you. Confidence will take you a long way in being able to trust her while she's traveling or attending events where you don’t have immediate access.

8. Swagger. Yes, I said it. Professional women are akin to computer nerds who begin a startup and get rich: they still want the hot cheerleader. A cool guy is still a draw for a smart woman who's focused on the up and up. That swag keeps things new and fresh.

9. Nice shoes and/or watch. Professional women appreciate the little things. A nice pair of dress shoes or a timeless watch shows that you care about your appearance and appreciate quality. It also shows her that you're admiring her look as well.

10. Making her feel like a woman. Our society does a good enough job of de-feminizing professional women. Telling her she's beautiful, tending to a 'honey-do' list, rubbing her feet and buying her chocolates are the kind of things that show you appreciate her as a woman and that she has a man who realizes that she's still a girl.

11. Investments. Whether it's a 401K or a couple of shares of stocks, showing her you're at least interested in your financial future will make her appreciate you and your forward-thinking attitude. It’ll also help her respect you more as an equal.

12. Someone in her corner. It goes without saying, but having someone in her corner to encourage her and listen tops everything else on this list. In environments where she constantly plays chess instead of checkers, she just wants someone she can be her true (and best) self with.