Texas Teen Ryder Cambron Stages Her Own Abduction

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Who Is Ryder Cambron? New Details On Texas Teen Who Staged Her Own Abduction

I was never one of those kids who ran away from home. That was my younger sister. Hysterically her "I'm running away" period also coincided with her "I'm 5 and must be naked at all times" period which made her pretty easy to find when she decided to take her empty suitcase and waltz her bare ass out the front door. Wanting to flee your parents' house is a rite of passage for some, but it's almost never the solution to any problems, real or imagined. Who is Ryder Cambron? She's a 15-year-old girl who staged her own abduction in the hopes of covering up her secret scheme to run away. 

1. Meet Ryder Cambron

15-year-old Ryder Cambron of Texas is in a world of trouble, to put things mildly. Now, we all know that teens like to tell a good story (there was a brief period where I told everyone that I once spoke to Matthew Broderick on the phone, we're none of us without sin), but Ryder took it to another level, and now she's being accused of staging her own kidnapping! When she was apparently abducted it led to a huge search effort that involved multiple law enforcement agencies. It turns out that Ryder and a 17-year-old dude had planned the whole thing

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2. Hiding In Plain Sight 

According to a press release issued by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office: “Ryder Skye Cambron has been safely located in Dobbin, Texas. She was hiding at a residence and fled prior to Detectives’ arrival; however, after a search in a wooded area Ryder was located and is currently in police care.” The police also revealed that Ryder staged what was essentially a scheme to run away, leaving her cellphone and other identifying objects at a local park. While people ran frantically around the area looking for her, Ryder was waiting things out safe and sound in a house nearby. It's like the ultimate game of hide and seek only the loser winds up going to jail for being an idiot. 

3. Will There Be Charges?

By the time Ryder was finally located the police had gone so far in their search efforts that they were getting ready to use dogs to search around where she seen last and they'd already received phone calls about a suspicious character lurking near the railroad tracks. The police and other searchers were led on a five mile deep search before the truth was finally uncovered. While Ryder wasn't arrested, she was released into the custody of her parents, and for a teen that's on par with the death sentence. The police, however, did mention that they are looking into charging those who held her for harboring a runaway. 

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4. The Police Response 

The police were contacted about Ryder's possible abduction by her family after they found her ATV and her phone at a park near her house. Leaving the ATV behind was a nice touch, for a teen and their mode of transport are seldom separated. Speaking to the public, the authorities were aware of how sensitive the situation was. Though they asked her family if there was a chance she ran away, her family assured them that was impossible. To that end, the police made the announcement that they were treating her disappearance as a missing persons case. It was good they were as cautious as they were considering how things turned out! 

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5. The Social Media Influence 

When Ryder "disappeared" she was reported to be wearing shorts and a hoodie even though it was raining out and very dark. The way she was dressed was one suspicious factor that flagged Ryder's case, according to the police, especially if at one point she was on an ATV. It wasn't just the local authorities who got in on the search either. Friends and family spread the word of social media and then quickly had to update their posts when the truth got out: "EDIT: RYDER CAMBRON WAS FOUND SAFE LATE LAST NIGHT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!! The daughter of a close friend of mine has apparently been kidnapped. Please keep Ryder and the Cambrons in your prayers. She was riding Mule ATV on her way home last night in her neighborhood in Montgomery County, TX; contacted her dad on her cell phone to let him know that she thought she was being followed. They went out to help her and found the ATV and her cell phone but Ryder was missing. Search is ongoing. Please pray for her and her family.”

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6. The Candlelight Vigil 

People didn't just help with their Facebook accounts either. Hundreds of people gathered to hold a prayer vigil in the hopes that the missing teen would be found: “Vigil underway in Magnolia right now for missing teen Ryder Cambron. She went missing yesterday. Several religious groups, friends and family here praying. They will continue to search tonight after the vigil," tweeted a local reporter. The response to Cambron's disappearance is inspirational, which has to be contributing to the feelings of shame and embarrassment that Ryder is certainly feeling now. Or, you know, will feel eventually. Once the hormones subside. 

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