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Who Is Lauren Hunter? New Details About The Fitness Model Who Says She Sexted With A-Rod While He Was Dating J-Lo

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Who Is Lauren Hunter? New Details About The Fitness Model Who Says She Sexted With A-Rod While He Was Dating J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just got engaged. I mean, they JUST got engaged. And now people are coming out of the wordwork to congratulate the happy couple — nope, sorry that isn't what is happening. People are coming out of the woodwork with allegations that ARod is a serial cheater and has been seeing several women behind JLo's back. Yesterday it was former New York Yankees slugger Jose Canseco saying that ARod was having an affair with his ex-wife Jessica. Today, it's fitness model Lauren Hunter saying that he's been sexting her. Who is Lauren Hunter?

1. How did she meet ARod?

Allegedy, Lauren Hunter met ARod at an Equinox gym in Los Angeles back in 2011 when he was dating Cameron Diaz. The two have supposedly been carrying on an affair with steamy text messages for years. She said that Alex Rodriguez is well-endowed and good in bed. 

2. She is a fitness model

Lauren Hunter is a 34-year-old fitness model and swimwear and fitness competitor, according to her Twitter feed. She claims to have had sex with ARod many times, including the same day he accompanied Cameron Diaz to the MTV Movie Awards. 

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3. She says they were together for years

Hunter claims that her relationship with Rodriguez started in 2011 and ended in May 2017. She says that he constantly sexted and FaceTimed her. Rodriguez started dating JLo in March 2017. Hunter claims ARod invited her to meet him in Kansas City that same month to have sex.


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4. The texts

The texts that are allegedly between Hunter and Rodriguez are decidedly NC 17. In one that she released to Radar, a person that is presumably ARod texted "Are you home alone?"  Hunter replied, "Yes is that where you want me baby, in my bed with a wet p***y?" Rodriguez replied, "Yes, always babe. Which # do I call you on FaceTime." Then he begged: "Video video please, want to see and hear you c**."


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5. $600,000

TMZ reported that there was an ex-lover of ARods who planned to release sexy texts unless he paid her $600,000. It is not clear whether this is Lauren Hunter or another woman.

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6. She has sons

Hunter has three sons from two baby daddies, one of whom is former football player Marcus Allen, whom she reportedly met on MySpace.

7. He told her he loved her

Lauren Hunter told her story to The National Enquirer. She said: “He told me he loved me, and he’s loved me for a long time. Even the first time I was with him, he said, ‘I love you, we should be married! We could be a power couple. What do you think people would think of us, how we’d look together?’ He’s very into his image.” She also said that he asked her who she'd slept with over the past few months. She turned that around on him and asked him the same thing. He allegedly told her "Just you and Jennifer." Lauren also spilled the details of the sex with ARod, saying, “He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. Sex is not soft and gentle, he’s rough. He is good in bed, and well-endowed, he’s circumcised!

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