What Did You Learn About Heartbreak In A Past Life? Let This Personality Test Figure It Out

What Did You Learn About Heartbreak In A Past Life? Let This Personality Test Figure It Out!
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We learn as we grow.

The study of past lives has long been a subject of interest to people around the world. You don't have to believe in past lives to be curious about this totally unique phenomenon.

Even if you don't believe that you as a spirit have lived more lives than the one you're living now, it can be fun to imagine what your past lives would have been like, who you were, what you did, and perhaps, most importantly, what lessons you took away from your past lives to help you when it came time to start a new one.

The idea behind past lives is that it is impossible to ever fully understand the nature of being alive just by living one life. People who believe in past lives know that every life, no matter how strange or simple, has the power to help us enrich our understanding of the world around us.

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One of the most complicated lessons that we learn in our time on Earth is how to love and how to let ourselves be loved in return. While we all might still feel like amateurs when it comes to "that crazy little thing called love," the truth is that if we study our past lives closely, we have all already begun to acquire important lessons about love that we should be able to channel and put to work in our present lives. 

Some people spend decades of their lives trying to decode the mysteries of their past lives for information just like this. Luckily for you, it doesn't have to be nearly as complicated. In order to find out what you learned about love and heartbreak in a past life, take our super quick, super easy, and super informative free personality test.

No matter how much of a skeptic you might consider yourself to be, there's still value to be found in the solutions to this personality quiz. All you have to do is look at the optical illusion image that is shared below. Yup, it's really that easy!

Once you've looked at the image, pay careful attention to the first thing that caught your eye. Once you've done that, scroll down and read about how what you saw first in the image reveals what you've learned about heartbreak in your past lives. Prepare yourselves — I got chills with this one! 

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The Photographer 

If you saw the photographer first when you looked at this image, in a past life you experienced your fair share of heartbreak, and then some. In fact, chances are that because your poor unlucky-in-love heart suffered so cruelly at the hands of others before this life, you close yourself off from other people today. 

We are all worthy of love and we are all strong enough to survive it. Keep loving and keep learning. 

The Black Poles 

If you saw the black poles first when you looked at this image, in a past life you endured a prolonged period of your romantic life where your partner was cheating on you and you had no idea. While you were aware that the two of you seemed to be growing distant from each other, you had no idea that cheating was ever an issue that would affect your life

Today, you might find yourself slow to trust when it comes to love and dating, and the pain from your past life is why. While it's good to protect your heart, try not to always go on the defensive. 

The Spots Of Light

If you saw the spots of light first when you looked at this image, in a past life you were a well-known and deeply admired lothario! That's right, you went from town to town, breaking hearts, and men and women alike couldn't ever seem to get enough of you. 

This explains your natural zest for life, sex, food, and so much more. Just be careful with the feelings of others as you do your best to savor everything life has to offer. 

The Horizon 

If you saw the horizon first when you looked at this image, in a past life you often put love to the side in order to undertake more scholarly pursuits. This could explain why today you often find yourself feeling lonely or like you've got a serious case of FOMO

It's totally okay to enjoy time being single, but learn from your past life and remember just how important our personal connections really are. 

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