7 Easily-Overlooked Guys Who Make The Best Boyfriends

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7 Easily-Overlooked Guys Who Make The Best Boyfriends

He could be right in front of you.

The type of guy who catches a woman’s attention the most is the one who radiates confidence; he is outgoing and probably the loudest person in the room. And with that description, it isn’t a big surprise that he becomes your sole focus.

The downside is that guys like this have their focus on every other woman in the room as well. They play a good game due to their outgoing personalities, and they have no problem in approaching women. They are players who would run up to every woman they liked.

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Then there are those creepy men who do approach every woman. Probably most women have had some experiences with them. They have no problem with getting rejected. They will say whatever, no matter how stupid or even disgusting it may sound, to get what they want. And as soon as they see their game is not fooling you, they will move on to the next person.

On the other hand, there are men out there who are the perfect type of guys to be in a relationship with, but they get overlooked because they usually don’t approach you or they rarely approach you. They are those who wait for the right moment and that moment takes them forever. They might come off as clumsy, inarticulate or shy but they shouldn’t be discarded so easily.

So many times, women start dating the wrong men because they overlook the good ones, or because they have a fantasy in their head of what the right guy should be like. It’s limiting. So it’s time for all the single women out there to widen their horizons and see what else is out there. To give you a head start, here are the types of guys who make the best boyfriends whether you notice it at first or not. 

1. Mr. Nice Guy

We all said it at one point or heard other women say that some guy is just too nice. Too nice became a code name for a boring guy. It really doesn’t have to be. Wouldn’t a guy who does his best to make you happy be a good choice? Giving a nice guy a chance might be just the thing you need after all those toxic relationships.

2. Mr. Shy Guy

He is the type of guy who looks at you from a distance and never approaches you, but you know he is there. He is the one who will get the nerve to approach you eventually, but he will start to stutter or say some incoherent things, or something that doesn’t make much sense. It’s not always easy to read the signs that a shy guy likes you, but if you do, go easy on him. He is just intimidated by you because he created an image in his head that you are a goddess among women. A shy guy has a lot to offer if you just give him a little encouragement and time.

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3. Mr. Best Friend

A woman often discards the possibility of dating a guy who is her friend. I guess deep down, the word friend in a way kills the romantic note of a relationship. Most women create some kind of unrealistic image in their heads about what things should look like, when reality could be a million times better. Some are afraid that they will ruin the friendship. In any case, if you feel that something might be there and that there is a certain amount of chemistry between you and your friend, go for it. Having a best friend and a lover all in one person is a recipe for a successful relationship.

4. Mr. Not In My League

Most women won’t admit it aloud, but more often than not, they judge a man according to his social status or whether or not he has a college degree. A degree is not something that assures you of a happy relationship. People shouldn’t be measured like that. So what if a guy doesn’t have a degree, it doesn’t make him unworthy. He might be more hard-working, driven, ambitious and passionate about his work than anybody you ever met. It’s important that he wants to work, not be judged by his academic status.

5. Mr. Single Parent

He is probably the type of guy who is in it for something serious. He doesn’t want a woman who is not ready to commit. He doesn’t want his children meeting daddy’s new girlfriend every weekend. So if you are not cut out for a possible future commitment, it’s a good thing that you are overlooking him. On the other hand, if you are open to the possibility of future commitment, he might be just the right type of guy for you. You will get the chance to see what he is all about when he is around his children, and you’ll find out if you can see your future with this type of guy.

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6. Mr. Divorced

He is the type of man who has been through a lot. The divorce might have had nothing to do with him. Sometimes it’s the other side, sometimes people are incompatible, and in any case, he shouldn’t be labeled for the rest of his life because he didn’t get it right the first time around. He toughened and matured from this experience. If he says he is ready to move on and start something new, he is probably telling the truth.

7. Mr. Sensitive

Even though it’s not the Dark Ages anymore, women tend to overlook an overly sensitive man because he is just not masculine in the general sense of the word. Being in touch with his feelings and not afraid to express them doesn’t make him any less manly; if nothing else, it makes him more manly. He is not hiding his feelings like a coward would. These men have highly-developed emotional intelligence, and they will be able to understand you better than any macho man you will come across.

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