Is The Peach Butt Baby Photo Trend Innocent Or Too Suggestive?

Photo: instagram
The Peach Butt Photo Trend For Babies: Cute Or Too Suggestive?

What do you think?

By Eleanor Sheehan

Even before the internet popularized the peach emoji to insinuate a derrière, there was an association between the two. Butts do resemble peaches; it's undeniable.

When Japanese photo-printing company Kodomono launched a social media campaign that asked Instagrammers to post pictures of peaches over their babies' bare bums, people's reactions were mixed. Some invoked Kim Kardashian, while others took the trend for what it is: adorable. Or apparently, others have never noticed the likeness.

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While the viral trend is a little cheeky, Kim Kardashian can hardly be associated with all things peaches. Nor are all butts sexualized. Sure, sometimes there are racy behind photos, but that doesn't make these any less innocent — or reminiscent of Kim Kardashian. Kodomono has evidently just taken advantage of an adored and enduring cliché to promote its brand. Peach on!

1. Cute, or no?

2. You have to admit, it's a similar look...

3. At least it's organic!

4. Peaches do bear a striking resemblance...

5. Is it really inappropriate?

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.