12 Powerful Rupi Kaur Quotes That Hit Close To Home For Those Dealing With Abuse

Self, Heartbreak

You're never alone in this.

I first want to say: I’m sorry. I am sorry that they made you feel less than you deserve.

You have been through so much. Some days feel empty, lost and alone. Sometimes it feels like it will never get any better.

I also want to say: I am so proud of you.

You have overcome so much, and sometimes it can feel like no one knows what you went through.


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It’s okay for it to still sting sometimes. Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it still doesn’t scar. Rupi Kaur’s poetry hits home when it comes to how abuse can linger in your heart and mind.

BUT, she also knows that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Rupi Kaur's poetry is relatable, but it’s also inspiring to know that SOMEONE has survived her own hardships, and that means you can survive it too.

These 12 Rupi Kaur quotes will remind you how you’ve overcome something that you thought you couldn’t, they will remind you how things CAN and WILL get better than they were, and you will love yourself more than they could ever love you.

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You are a survivor.
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"And here you are, living despite it all." — Rupi Kaur

It was never your fault.
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"You pinned my legs to the ground with your feet and demanded I stand up." — Rupi Kaur

You are a fire.
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"I will never understand why you held me if you were afraid of my warmth. You should have known I was a fire." — Rupi Kaur

Move with your heart.
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"Accept that you deserve more than painful love, life is moving, the healthiest thing for your heart is to move with it." — Rupi Kaur

They act like ghosts.
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"They leave and act like it never happened, they come back and act like they never left." — Rupi Kaur

Love yourself.
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"I didn't leave because I stopped loving you, I left because the longer I stayed the less I loved myself." — Rupi Kaur

Your healing is not in them.
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"Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you." — Rupi Kaur

They are too late.
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"Sometimes the apology never comes when it is wanted and when it comes it is neither wanted nor needed. You are too late." — Rupi Kaur

You do not lack anything.
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"You are in the habit of co-depending on people to make up for what you think you lack. Who tricked you into believing another person was meant to complete you when the most they can do is complement." — Rupi Kaur

This breaking is not love.
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"Neither of us is happy, neither of us wants to leave so we keep breaking one another and calling it love."  — Rupi Kaur

You are more than furniture.
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"You are the Ikea furniture be never got around to making. The backup bookshelf that is too new to throw away but not nearly tempting to open. He keeps you around just in case." — Rupi Kaur

Stay away.
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"You leave but you don't stay gone, why do you do that, why do you abandon the thing you want to keep. why fo you linger in a place you fo not want to stay. Why do you think it's okay to do both. Go and return all at once." — Rupi Kaur