These SMOKIN' HOT Psychedelic Sex GIFs Will Totally Turn You On

These Psychedelic GIFS Will Probably Turn You On
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This erotic artwork is trippy and sexy.

Sometimes, tripping on shrooms can lead to some pretty magnificent things. And for this artist, it certainly did.

Suffering from depression for most of his teens, artist Jean-Francois Painchaud, or “Phaze,” seemed to be cured of his mental ailment almost immediately after experimenting with psilocybin mushrooms.

"After my first experience with magic mushrooms, it felt like my depression went away overnight — it was the most profound and beautiful experience of my life," says Painchaud. "The visuals I experienced inspired how I've done my art ever since. It also helped me overcome the worry I had of what other people would think of what I draw, [and] it allowed me to feel comfortable being myself and expressing myself genuinely."

"In a way, I also find myself in a position that I have to represent psychedelics in a positive way," he says. "I want to put it out there how beautiful it is and how helpful it can be."

Hailing from Canada, Phaze is an animator by day and an artist after hours.

"It's my goal to eventually be able to do my personal art for a living instead of going to work to be told what to do every day," he adds. "I don't want to live this way, and I will continue to obsessively work on further developing my style until I can make this dream a reality."

Phaze says that erotic artwork is something that he has always turned to for fun, even though he also dabbles in work that is non-erotic. Thinking that he could tap into some kind of unused sexual energy to make art, he began making work that he hoped would inspire people to see the beauty in sex instead of just viewing it as taboo.

The erotic artwork is a way for Phaze to fill a void that he felt existed within the world of erotica. He wanted to visually show love and affection and not just pornography.

A couple of years ago, Phaze found that his erotic work was banned from Facebook. After being vocal about the ban through social media, he ended up attracting even more of a following through Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Most of his work features psychedelic colors and interesting patterns in both his erotic, non-erotic and sci-fi GIFs. He uses Photoshop and typically draws with a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD. While some of his pieces take many hours to complete, he gets others done in only a few minutes.

In the case of his sex GIFs, he makes them from scratch and often uses photos on the internet for inspiration.

"Another method for the GIFs is to redraw my line work for each frame to bring the lines to life," he explains. "It's a similar process with the animated rainbow effects — I change the colors on every frame."

When making the artwork, he mostly does it to satisfy himself but is happy that other people like and find inspiration in his work.

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These photos are definitely unique and visually beautiful. In fact, the love and affection that he was hoping to convey really do seem to shine through the sex factor, making them beautiful in meaning, too.