Photos Of 'Rainbow People' Who Have Completely NUDE Meetings Worldwide

rainbow people


Rainbow People: they are all about love, connection and being naked. In fact, hundreds of Rainbow People exist around the world and they frequently get together at festivals to celebrate their love.

Lucky for us, photographer Denis Vejas has been following them around to destinations like Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Russia to capture the magic.

Yes, the photos are full of naked people and no, this article is NOT kid-friendly, so shield your laptop from your little ones.

Meeting up in places around the world, the members of the Rainbow community tend to gravitate towards forests and remote places so they can connect with nature and each other, all while promoting non-consumerism.

Stripping down, the festival-goers hang out in rivers and streams while meditating, doing yoga and taking drugs (sounds kind of great right?).

This general experiment of unconditional love is what drew the Lithuanian photographer to the festival. Also, the general theme of nomadic people trying to disconnect with the outside world perfectly fit with the photographer’s general style and interests.

Getting naked and doing drugs is not entirely what the festivals are all about. They actually have a more romantic and deeper meaning than appears on the surface.

The whole idea is an attempt to build a different world, one free from judgment and organization.

The festivals bring together like-minded people so that everyone is free to act how they want and express themselves the way that they desire. No one really asks questions and everyone accepts each other for who they are.

It’s kind of magical when we live in a world where dressing uncomfortably, doing jobs that we hate and making small talk to be polite is the norm.

The first of these festivals took place in Colorado back in 1972 but have popped up in places all over the world since then. The events are free and participants are encouraged to join the activities like dancing, yoga, meditation and playing music.

A moment in time when you could truly be yourself... what could be better?