Thank You, Cheezus! Awesome Cheese Advent Calendar Looks SO Delish!

Photo: hellogiggles
christmas gifts for cheese lovers cheese advent calendar


It seems like 2016 might be the year that cheese awesomeness hit an all-time high.

The holiday season is churning out some fine Christmas gift ideas in the way of cheese and alcoholic treats for you and your friends, so if you haven’t already bought your hot cheese glue gun and your alcoholic advent calendar, then you’re most definitely missing out. And also, you should probably go and grab one (or a couple) right away!  

Some people decided that the best way to celebrate the holidays was with an advent calendar made entirely of the alcoholic beverage of your choice, while others realized that there is literally nothing better than gorging yourself on a different kind of cheese every day of the month.

And so, the cheese advent calendar was born! It's the perfect Christmas gift idea for cheese lovers.


The newest, and arguably one of the greatest renditions of the advent calendar was invented by a food blogger from London by the name of Annem Hobson, who runs a blog called So Wrong It’s Nom. So yes, we have Hobson to thank for the amazing, cheesy goodness that is the cheese lover’s dream come true.

Since the idea came from a single Londoner women and not some fancy-pants mass cheese-maker or dairy farmer, there is only one prototype available right now, and sadly, it won’t be ready for purchase in time for this December.

If you’re interested in getting one, however, don’t worry! Hobson promises that the retail version will be available in 2017, and that’s probably the best thing we’ve ever heard. It’s a short while to wait for a fantastic cheesy advent calendar that will pair super-nicely with your alcoholic calendar.

In the meantime, you can also post your excitement about it online using the hashtag #CheeseNotChoc, and even sign up for updates as to when the advent calendar will be ready for your mass consumption at cheeseadventcalendar.com.