We All Have Baggage — Surviving The Pain Makes Us F*cking WARRIORS

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Show your scars.

Nobody wants baggage  — but everyone has it. 

I've noticed recently that after a breakup, a lot of people delete any trace of their former significant other off social media. Photos, wall posts, hashtags, all gone, making it seem like the whole relationship never happened. 

Some people do this as a tool to move on, so they're not constantly looking back at the past and what was. Some people are embarrassed by the breakup, and would rather people think they've never dated anyone than that they've had their heart broken.

Whatever the reason, covering up your past isn't helping anyone. 

My girlfriends are quick to say that they don't want guys with any baggage.

As if they've never had any themselves. 


Crazy ex-girlfriends, kids, and any slight evidence of infidelity are enough to deem him not good enough. Too much baggage. On to the next one. 

But asking for someone who doesn't have baggage is basically asking for a perfect human being who's never experienced any romantic errors in his life because he's spent all his time daydreaming about meeting you.

A person who — obviously — doesn't exist. 

When we're born, we're kind of boring. It's not some gene we have that makes us who we are, it's the experiences that shape and form us. And if all we had were sunny, happy experiences, we would still be super boring. 

Nobody should hide or run from their baggage, they should own it. 

Because every hardship or breakup you went through made you stronger. It made you wiser. It made you learn what you want, and more importantly, what you don't want. It made you grow. It made you empathetic. It made you human. 


So don't be embarrassed by your romantic past, and don't act like you've never experienced hurt. Everyone has, and to pretend you haven't will make it so no one can relate to you. 

Your baggage isn't baggage that holds you down.

It's your strength that's turned you into the fucking warrior you are today.