Disturbing New Video Shows What We Look Like When We Kiss

Photo: Cosmopolitan 
What You Look Like When You Kiss [VIDEO]

Most people can't watch it without being grossed out.

Kissing is a really weird when you actually stop and think about it. The formation of your lips, the use of your tongue — or lack thereof — and the awkward face you make while doing it. 

When you strip down to the bare basics of the act of kissing, it’s just plain uncomfortable. Kissing noises are SUPER cringe-worthy and you look TOTALLY gross doing it. But, hey, it gives us that toe-curling sensation, so we deal.

And don’t you worry; nobody gets out of it scot-free. Even the most attractive people and well-versed kissers look like they’re out of their damn minds when you focus in on their technique.

The recent video post by Cosmopolitan showed us just how unnatural we all look when we’re making out.

The video features 100 people who WILLINGLY (I know, surprising) offer to demonstrate how they kiss — or more like make-out. The brave participants are shown kissing a glass wall, leaving very little to the imagination.

Many viewers can’t even make it through the entire video without having to turn it off because they feel embarrassed to be watching it! I mean, it’s hard to imagine an activity that we all love doing SO much making us feel so WEIRD. But, ugh, I sure hope no one catches ME making out anytime soon.

There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with total strangers to really re-examine how YOU kiss!

Here are some highlights: