PLEASE Never Say These 9 Things To Same-Sex Parents (We Beg You!)

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PLEASE Never Say These 9 Things To Same-Sex Parents

Are you trying to sound stupid?

By Leah Rocketto

These days, a happy family doesn't have to include a mom and a dad. They can include a mom or a dad or two moms or two dads. In fact, 48 percent of LGBTQ women and 20 percent of LGBTQ men are proud parents.

But just because this is becoming the new normal doesn't mean people have given up their old thoughts. Each day, gay parents endure an endless stream of, if we can be frank, really dumb questions that drive them crazy.

So if you happen to meet a same-sex couple at the playground, don't let these phrases slip from your mouth.

1. Which one of you is the mother/father?


Seeing as women can't be dads and men can't be moms, I think that answers your question.

2. How did you fill out their birth certificate?

With a pen. How did you do it?

3. So who did the breastfeeding?


Are you trying to sound stupid?

4. Where did your baby come from?

Did your parents skip the birds and bees talk when you were a child?

5. What does your child call you?


Certainly not the word I want to call you right now.

6. Don't you wish they had a male/female role model in their life?

They have plenty. We just can't fit them all in our house.

7. Whose sperm/egg did you use?

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Is that really your business?

8. Do you think your child will be gay, too?

I don't know. Do you think your child will be an idiot like you?

9. What happens if you two break up?


Probably the same thing that happens when straight parents decide to get a divorce.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.