5 Ways To Make Sex Last Waayyyy Longer

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5 Ways To Make Sex Last Waayyyy Longer

Really cherish the moment.

By Nichole Fratangelo

The time you have in between the sheets with your partner is precious, but sometimes the clock runs out a little too soon.

Ahead, learn the best sex tips for making it all last longer from start to finish.

1. Slow it down.

First things first: Do not rush. Your time in the bedroom is yours, and what's happening after is pretty much irrelevant. This means time to focus on the one thing we often neglect — foreplay. Both guys and girls need some lovin' down there before heading into the main event. You won't regret taking it slow and steady!

2. Switch it up.

Chances are if you're with the same partner time and time again, things can get stale quickly. Adding new positions to the mix will make it more exciting, distract you from the ordinary, and ultimately lead to longer sex. Success!

3. Roleplay.

Another way to switch things up requires a little more creativity. Adding role playing to the mix will help you slow things down and focus on your partner's turn-ons. Explore your interests, and don't be afraid of a little dress up, either.

4. Pause.

Just before climax, give it a break. This sounds daunting, but the payoff will be even better. After the breathe and reboot, you'll get a second wind to continue going.

5. Start with self-love.

Your man will appreciate this one. Studies show that masturbating before penetration will help a guy prolong sex. Practice makes perfect, after all.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.