Now You Can Get Your Cold And Flu Meds From A Keurig Machine (!!!)


As if you needed one more reason to love your Keurig.

When the Keurig was invented, lovers of coffee rejoiced. Later on, lovers of tea and hot chocolate joined in the celebration when they discovered that the coffee machine of the future can brew more than just coffee.

And now, it's about to get even better.

When flu season comes around, or whenever you're hit with that unfortunate cold that dares to mess with your day, you have no choice but to rely on gross syrups or giant gel pills to alleviate your symptoms.

But now, you don't have to... all because of this cold and flu medicine you can brew directly using your Keurig.

According to Women's Health Magazine, this medication is available at CVS and "each cup is filled with a dose of cold meds like acetaminophen (a fever reducer) and nasal decongestant." Just like most cold medications, there is a Daytime and Nighttime version.

It may not be as good as coffee or tea, but it's most likely much easier to keep down. The magazine reports that it's meant to taste more like tea, the Daytime being berry and green tea-flavored, and the Nighttime in lemon, honey, and white tea. So, if you're a lover of tea, this is practically a gift from the Gods. 

However, remember that no matter how good it tastes, this is still medicine; therefore, too much can lead to an overdose (yikes!).

The product description on the CVS website emphasizes taking no more 4 doses a day, and definitely do not let children under 12 years old take this. And, of course, do not take this with alcohol.

Instead of just drowning yourself in both regular tea and cold pills, you can have both in one go. Isn't that better than having to spend money on both? What a time to be alive!